Spreading love and joy once again - KAYM Carolling 2022


After 2 years, the Kristus Aman Youth Ministry Carollers began to spread their joy through their carols once again. Across seven days, the 27 carollers and musicians visited 16 parishioners’ houses to sing their merry carols. For many of the carollers who have been carolling with KAYM in previous years, they were glad KAYM was able to make a comeback to the yearly tradition.

“It’s been a while since I’ve carolled with KAYM. It’s great that we were able to sing for the KA parishioners once again,” said Daniel Ch’ng, a youth of KAYM.

Equipped with two and a half months of rehearsals, the carollers began their carolling season from the 10th - 22nd of December, travelling from house to house, singing joyous carols and welcoming the love of Christ into parishioners’ homes and hearts. At each and every house, the carollers felt an overwhelming feeling of warmth and joy.

“Just being able to reconnect with the youths and carol at the parishioners houses after 2 years since covid has been one of my fondest experiences this Christmas. It felt good to be back,” said Angie Symons, a musician of the group.

2The carollers in action

This year’s carolling season also saw a few new faces; youth from all ages joined the group and were well welcomed. One such youth was Wynston Oon, 15, who used to sing with the KA Children’s Ministry Carolling.

“As a first timer with the KAYM Carollers, the learning curve to learn the new songs wasn’t as difficult as I expected. It was really fun learning the new carols with the seniors,” said Oon.

Symons and Ch'ng also expressed their happiness that newer youth joined the group.

“We had quite a few new faces this year for carolling, which is always nice. Getting used to the ever-changing dynamic of the group is an important yearly occurrence,” said Symons.

3The carollers after singing at the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)

Whilst pouring their hearts out through their songs, the KAYM Carollers also aimed to raise
funds for SHELTER Home, based in Taman Putra Damai, a shelter for children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. Additionally, the carollers also sang at the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) centre, located at Jalan Bukit Menteri Selatan 7/2, PJ. For Oon, carolling at NASAM was one of the highlights of the carolling season, “Singing at NASAM was really heartening. I was glad I was able to spread cheer with the patrons there,” he said.

4The carollers at Vintry Symphony

4aThe carollers at Vintry Symphony

The carollers also sang at 163 Retail Park, a shopping centre in Mont Kiara, KL, and Vintry Symphony, a restaurant in Section 13, PJ. It was great fun for the carollers, allowing them to
spread the Christmas joy to many people at these establishments. On the last night, the youths were also invited to sing at The Church of the Holy Rosary.

“Singing at HRC was one of my fondest memories this Christmas. We really enjoyed meeting and interacting with the HRC youth,” said Ch'ng.

5The KAYM carollers with the youth of the Church of the Holy Rosary

Overall, this carolling season was a success. Symons shared that the best part of carolling was seeing the KAYM youth bonding over the course of the season.

“It was heartwarming to see the youths looking out for each other as we travelled. Even through the rain and stormy weather, everyone was taking care of each other.”

Oon shared this sentiment, saying he would love to join the carollers again in the future. “It’s really fun. I’m glad I was able to join the group this year.”

6KAYM carollers singing before the Christmas mass in the night