Mass Registration

Upcoming Masses (Get event password from your BEC coordinator)
  • Temporary Suspension of all Public Masses in parishes located within Kuala Lumpur and the State of Selangor with immediate effect (commencing on the 7th of October 2020). This suspension will be reviewed before the 20th of October and the parishes will be notified accordingly of any future changes.
    Read More: Chancery Notice: COVID-19 Update on Pastoral Guidelines
  • Please follow our Livestream at every Sunday at 9am
5:30pm Sat
10 October 2020
28th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

-Sunset Mass-

9:00am Sun
11 October 2020
28th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

-Sunday Mass-

5:30pm Sat
17 October 2020
29th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

-Sunset Mass-

9:00am Sun
18 October 2020
29th Sunday
in Ordinary Time

-Sunday Mass-

Consists of BECs Area
1, 5A, 5B, 8A, 8B and 8D
Consists of BECs Area
2, 3A, 3B, 4, 6A, 6B and 10
Consists of BECs Area
7, 8C, 9A and 9B


Guidelines For Attending Mass at Kristus Aman Post CMCO

😄You are eligible to register if...
  • You live within the Kristus Aman BEC Boundaries (Check here)
  • It is the turn of your BEC Grouping
  • You are between 12 and 70 years of age


😞You cannot attend if...
  • You are exhibiting cough or flu-like symptoms
  • You have a temperature of over 37.5°C
  • You are undergoing home quarantine
  • You have travelled overseas within the last 2 weeks
  • You have come into close contact with a COVID-19 patient
  • You arrive late (Doors close 5 minutes before mass starts)


Basic Ticketing Information
  • If it is your BEC's turn for mass, please check with your BEC coordinator for the event password
  • Seats are limited and shall be indicated by the number of tickets available
  • Priority registration for weekend masses opens at 12 (noon) the Saturday before, and closes at 12 (noon) on Wednesday each week
  • Registration may close early once all seats are filled for the week
  • Extra seats for the upcoming weekend's masses shall be made available to all from Thursday till Friday night that same week
  • 1 ticket per person per registration
  • If registering as a household, head of household may register multiple times for each member of the household so that each member gets their own individual ticket


  • Check the Upcoming Mass Schedule below to register
  • 💡TIP #1: Follow KA's Peatix page for upcoming mass notifications
  • Purchase tickets according to the number in your household attending mass that week
  • 📝NOTE: Ensure full name is filled in for each attendee
  • Confirmation along with tickets will be sent to your registered email
  • 💡TIP #2: Download the Peatix App for convenience  badge appstore  badge playstore
  • Please inform your BEC coordinator of any cancellations if you have already registered
  • 💡TIP #1: Be sure to cancel your ticket or that of your household in order to make way for others if unable to attend after registering
  • Have your ticket ready before you approach the registration counter on the day you are attending mass at KA
  • 💡TIP #1: The easiest way to present your ticket is through the Peatix app
  • 💡TIP #2: If you are unable/unwilling to install the app, you may access your web ticket. Instructions here.


Upcoming Mass Schedule